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Ausweg Automation

Pharma industry

Pharma industry

The Automation and control systems are working at the various processes of the Pharma Industry. The Automation processes like drug development, serialization, anti-counterfeiting, kits assembly, sortation, machine tending and Packaging.


Ausweg Automation offers a wide range of control & automation solutions for the Pharma Industry. Our automation solutions consist of Sensors, PLC, VFD, AC Servo Drive & Motors, HMI and software package that support a wide range of Automation and process control solutions for cover the entire life cycle of processes, including new installations, rebuilds and services.


  • Accuracy.
  • Product control.
  • Visibility.
  • Increased reuse and recovery of CIP chemicals and product wastes.
  • Measurement solutions.
  • Reduced contamination.

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