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Ausweg Automation

Computerized Maintanance Management System

Centralizes Maintenance Information.
Industry starts to use failure metrics once you have a rock-solid data collection system in place called CMMS.

CMMS systems are common in manufacturing, oil and gas production, power generation, construction, transportation, and other industries that rely on physical infrastructure.

Ausweg CMMS software can be scaled to fit your demands and cost, whether your company has a single location or numerous locations around the world, and whether management, engineers, or technicians utilise it. Maintenance management can be as simple or as complex as you desire.


Increase Life of Equipment

Reactive to a proactive approach.


Data Driven Maintenance

Traceability via QR code scanning.


Dynamic indicators

Dashboards and visualizations can be tuned to technician.

Features & Benefits
  • Automate the creation of new work orders in response to time, usage, or trigger events.
  • Sequence and schedule maintenance.
  • Manage suppliers, track inventory costs, and automate resupply.
  • Generate reports across maintenance performance.
  • Inventory optimization & support decisions.
  • Gather organize information for audits.
  • Store, access and share asset info.
  • Daily summary of the items that need attention is displayed on the dashboard.
  • The technician is alerted via their mobile maintenance app with images and instructions.

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