Delta's strength in power electronics and extensive knowledge in control technology has made us a leader in the industrial controls marketplace. Beginning with the design and manufacture of variable speed AC motor drives in 1995, Delta today offers a wide range of products for industrial applications. Our products include AC motor drives, servo drives and motors, temperature controllers, programmable logic controllers, human machine interface modules, optical encoders, communication converter modules, and CTA Timer/Counter/Tachometer.

Delta's AC motor drives range from 25W to 220KW with superior microprocessor based digital control, and high frequency pulse width modulation for smooth motor operation. With an extensive array of software control functions and a complete set of hardware options, Delta provides a complete solution for OEMs and end-users. Sensorless vector, flux vector and other technologies are employed in a broad range of products. All offer high torque and smooth operation with low harmonic distortion

Servo drives and motors provide high-speed and high-precision motion control for a wide range of industrial applications. Delta's new servo drives use optical encoders for superior resolution in machine applications where high stiffness is needed to reject high torque disturbances. To meet demanding customer applications, Delta's servo drives employ innovative Robust Control technology designed to maximize motor performance without the need to spend hours tuning the drive.

Temperature controllers are used to control numerous industrial processes where precise heating or cooling control is required. Controllers come in various sizes from 1/16 DIN, and feature auto-tuning and 0.3% accuracy. To facilitate communication among the different protocols found in industry, Delta has developed a series of communication converter modules.

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are used to control automation processes. Delta PLCs are offered in both nano- and micro-class products. The PLCs high performance and extensive I/O units represent a high-value solution for machine control and industrial automation. With DeviceNet and Profibus communication modules, Delta PLC products are among the most flexible product lines in the industry.

Delta's new human machine interface (HMI) products offer fast and convenient control of manufacturing automation through a user-friendly graphical interface. Products feature rapid downloads and uploads, user-defined graphics libraries, a powerful ARM-based CPU, and flexible user-defined protocols.

Delta's industrial technology and extensive product offerings provide a total solution for machine control and automation.