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Ausweg Automation

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Monitoring

OEE = Availability * Quality * Performance
OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is considered the gold standard for assessing manufacturing productivity. In a nutshell, it identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive.

In manufacturing, OEE is one of the most effective measures for identifying losses, benchmarking progress, and improving productivity (i.e., eliminating waste).

The key to improving OEE score is accurate data, an intentional decision about where to focus on efforts and follow-through on plan. With Ausweg' s digital dashboard, you’ll be able to access all your critical KPI metrics and statistics within seconds.


End to End Automation Process

Helps streamline the customer journey.


High Process Completion Speed.

Takes minimal time for completing tasks.


Reduce risk of errors

Robust action flow and rules reduce errors drastically.

Features & Benefits

Few Reason Why Should Choose Us.

  • Enhancing traceability.
  • Planning by hand and excel manipulation should be minimized and reserved for exceptions only.
  • Full visibility into demand, schedules, capacity utilization, and scrap.
  • A comprehensive supply chain system where authorized personnel have real-time visibility into the entire process chain.
  • Real-time KPI reporting.
  • Paperless workspace.
  • A proactive approach instead of a reactive one.
  • Complete process control.
  • Capturing shopfloor activities with full visibility.

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