The industrial plant floor is getting overhauled (upgraded , redesigned) with new products, that will increase the productivity. However conjointly the corporate (industries) faces challenges such as integration and access to real-time insights across the process, products quality and people (shop floor people, manpower). These can be controlled through the Industrial IoT.

Industrial IoT refers to the evolution of cyber physical systems and decentralized intelligence in manufacturing. It holds the key to access real-time results and data which will catapult the industry into new levels of lean achievements.

Benefits of IIoT

  • Increases Productivity
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Improves Predictive Maintenance
  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Reducing downtime
  • Creating new business opportunities
  • Maximizing asset utilization

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

The objective of machine monitoring is to identify loses, benchmarking process and then improving manufacture performance. Then the most commonly used metric is OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Computerized Maintenance Management System

In industries, the top-level managers need to know the information about organization maintenance operation for better optimization , but manually it takes more effort. This can be sort out by using the CMMS Software.

Test Bench Datalog

The main purpose of Test Bench Datalog is to gain a benchmark data for comparing some standard criteria of the device while testing under different environment.

Assembly Line Monitoring

If the factory floor need to inspect the conveyor belt for checking the product defects instantly, then the assembly line monitoring system is the best solution.

Energy Management System

In a Corporate, the energy management is a major issue, where the loss can’t identify easily. For this we can use an Energy Management System, which gives the data of energy consumption for every machine.

Digital Factory Solutions

The main intent of industries is to obtain/collect the information about all the stages of factory floor / production process. This can be monitored through Digital Factory Software.

Fabric Inspection System

The main expectation of Fabric industries is to check the quality of the fabric before the production process. This can be done through Fabric Inspection System.

Conditional / Critical Parameter Monitoring

The main aspect of Conditional parameter monitoring is to track the machine parameter condition and analyzing it’s data to find the machine condition.