Monitors, Controls, and Optimizes Energy Performance in a Plant

An energy management system (EMS) monitors, controls, and optimizes energy performance in a plant. That means it measures the generation, transmission, and consumption of energy. It should also helpto diagnose problems like over-consumption and leaks across the entire plant.

In many industries, we can use one or more of the energies found in the acronym WAGES.

  • Water
  • Air
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Steam

This system will monitor the processes and provide data on a plant’s performance and energy performance to make critical decisions. In today's connected world, the energy future will be inexorably linked to Internet of Things (IoT) and we are specialized in providing a great service on IOT based solutions.

Some of the main benefits Of Ausweg Automation EMS:

  • Cost Effective
    • We can integrate with your existing Energy meter with communication established.
  • Customized Dashboard
    • Local / Remote view.
    • Loss parameter can be easily analyzed.
  • Other loss prediction
    • Steam/Water/Air /Production consumption or monitoring.
  • No human errors in data collection.
  • Detecting power quality problems.
  • Facility to viewing Real time electrical data and energy reports over internet / intranet.

It meticulously acquires energy data which can enable enterprises to illustrate dynamic performance against defined targets to identify deviations. This in turn, will ensure well managed and controlled operation to deliver the most energy & emission efficient level of productivity.