Manage workflow, workorder, maintenance and track inventory

A CMMS stores asset data and associated maintenance-related activities and documents in one central location. With web-based maintenance software, teams can access and view asset repair histories and send and receive work requests and work orders from almost anywhere — via mobile phones, PCs, laptops, or other smart devices.

Once existing equipment data is uploaded, managers can organize and schedule preventive and corrective maintenance, manage labor, monitor wrench time, and track inventory.

Existing and new data is used to develop baselines and establish asset maintenance histories. The information enables teams to track and analyze trends using key performance indicators (KPIs) that help identify potential failures early, giving maintenance crews time to plan and act accordingly. Additionally, a CMMS can be programmed to recognize a change in asset condition. If the equipment exceeds a predetermined threshold, an email is sent automatically to a maintenance team member alerting them to the variance.

Some of the main benefits Of Ausweg Automation CMMS:

  • A CMMS software is flexible, easy to learn, and enables organizations to configure the system to fit their exact needs.
  • Focuses on ensuring appropriate asset maintenance management, optimizing workflows, and extending equipment life.
  • Plan and schedule preventative maintenance.
  • Manage work orders efficiently.
  • Manage spare parts inventory.
  • Eliminate paperwork.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Reduce downtime & overtime and repair costs.
  • Increase safety.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards.