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Ausweg Automation

Energy Management System

Metering… Tracking…Finding…Accomplishing…
Energy management is the proactive, synchronised, and systematic coordination of energy acquisition, conversion, distribution, and consumption to satisfy requirements while taking environmental and economic goals into perspective.

Ausweg makes it easy to save energy by allowing you to access and monitor your office and industrial energy use from anywhere at any time. By boosting awareness, our IoT-based Energy Monitoring System has saved individuals up to 25% on their power costs. With its IoT technology and people experience, Ausweg EMS aspires to build a sustainable future by lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing environmental impact.

EMS Software can be tailored to meet your application and help you solve problems, rather than just presenting data.

Fits in Seamlessly

Integrates with existing meters and CMMS systems.


Available in anywhere

- Web and Mobile ready. (Cloud / Internal server)


Meets your applications

Customized features & reports to your specific needs & requirements.

Features & Benefits
  • Gather data Real- time through Android Applications.
  • Communicate with any kind of energy meter in your existing system. (RS-485)
  • Machine utilization / Production integration.
  • Auto Billing Cost Calculation.
  • Single Line Diagram / Department wise Data.
  • ERP Integration.
  • Integrate machines with Centralized Maintenance Management (CMMS).
  • Automatic Reports & Alerts - Get Performance Reports of your Plant & Equipment’s daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Loss analysis reports point out where you could be losing energy.
  • Energy Benchmarking - Slandered power consumption of your Equipment's vs standard.

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