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Ausweg Automation

Warehouse Management System

Smart & Integrated Resource Management
Warehouses are more than just inventory and storage. To improve their operational efficiency, many companies are investing in IoT-enabled warehouses with better automated control systems (ACS) and warehouse management systems (WMS). Our Smart Warehouse Monitoring solution provides transparency and traceability of all goods across multiple warehouses in real-time. The collected data provides insight into the status of inventory and storage. It prevents inventory shrinkage and improves worker safety. Additionally, such insights promote optimal storage locations, pallet movements, and warehouse throughput.

Ausweg Warehouse Management System Streamline business processes and enhance space utilization by making your warehouse smarter.

Features & Benefits
  • Portable handheld devices.
  • Distributed location-allocation across multiple warehouses.
  • Smooth operations for inbound communications.
  • Operational efficiency in outbound operations.
  • Accurately scanning barcodes.
  • Picking and batching based on FIFO/FEFO.
  • Reduced operating costs and optimized space.
  • Automating internal processes provides benefits.
  • Visualization of inventories.
  • Materials with traceability.
  • Improved supply chain management.

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