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Ausweg Automation

Foundry Monitoring

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The foundry industry is known for its excessive energy consumption, hazardous working conditions, and poor environmental records. The main reason is that casting is not a continuous process, it has several highly variable stages, such as melting, pouring, and cooling.

Efficiently monitoring of metal casting and furnaces using sensors and data analytics will provide real time data and reports, which can be used to optimize the process by collecting intelligence from every stage.

Ausweg's solution is tailored to the unique requirements of foundries.

Features & Benefits
  • Heat composition and properties recording
  • System-driven pouring plans incorporating capacity considerations
  • Heat traceability & Loop Planning
  • Accurate Product costing
  • Ensure future generations have access to foundry "recipes" and "know-how.".
  • Coordinate the planning and scheduling of castings based on core, mold, melt, fettling, HT, machining, capacity, and any type of bottlenecks that may arise

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