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Digital factory

Reinvent your digital model to be more efficient, safer, and proactive.

Industry 4.0 is synonymous with smart manufacturing, a digital revolution that will lead to real-time decision-making, greater productivity in businesses.

In smart factories, advanced sensors, embedded software, and robots are used to collect and analyse data, allowing for better decision making. Data from production operations can be combined with operational data from ERP, supply chain, customer service, and other enterprise systems to create new levels of visibility and insight.

With Ausweg experts, you can design and deploy IoT-enabled, connected operations that will increase agility and flexibility.

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IT+OT Integration

In the corporate network, two realms converge into single system.


Custom manufacturing

Digital transformation for manufacturers based on specific requirement.


360° view of factory

Data in real time from the end-to-end system, i.e. from the supply chain to the delivery chain.

Features & Benefits
  • Increased ROI and Profit margin.
  • Enhance Work Order Management & Increase Productivity.
  • Inventory Visibility.
  • Integrated Supply Chain Management.
  • Batch Quality & Uniformity.
  • Collect Maintenance report. Eliminate Manual Work.
  • Make Data Driven Maintenance Decisions by QR scanning.
  • Monitor Energy consumption & Cost using our dashboard.
  • Improve plant Safety.
  • Automatic Reports & Notifications — Receive daily, weekly, or monthly performance reports for your plant and equipment.
  • Live Alarms and alert notifications can be delivered to the concerned user.
  • Trends, reports, and analyses may be accessed and downloaded remotely via Web-based Applications.
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