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Conditional Based Monitoring

Conditional Monitoring Information.
Condition-based monitoring (CBM) is a maintenance strategy that monitors the actual condition of an asset to decide what maintenance needs to be done.

The goals of condition based maintenance is to monitor and spot upcoming equipment failure so maintenance can be proactively scheduled when it is needed and not before.

Asset conditions need to trigger maintenance within a long enough time period before failure,so work can be finished before the asset fails or performance falls below the optimal level.

Production Loss

Reactive to a proactive approach.


Human Error

Traceability via QR code scanning.


Safety Risks

Dashboards and visualizations can be tuned to technician.

Features & Benefits
  • Identify equipment that need attention.
  • View historical machine health trends and compare similar equipment across plant.
  • Get a quick snapshot of all equipment across the plant.
  • View asset utilization by shift, day, week & month, quarter, yearly.
  • View real time historical data, alarms and charts.
  • View time waveform, fft spectrum analysis and envelope analysis for advanced diagnostics.
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