Industry 4.0 " Industry 4.0 is not really a revolution,
   It's more of an evolution ".
Automation " Automation is driving the decline of
   banal and repetitive tasks ".
Robotics " We're fascinated about Robotics
   because they mimic life ".
Ausweg Offerings

Solutions that shape technological innovation

Ausweg’s cutting-edge automation technology gives you all the tools to drive the change.
Industry X.o
Industry X.0
Ausweg can aid in the mastery of a digital transformation that will enrich its clients in the future.
Ausweg fosters turnkey automate RPA for manufacturers with a significant focus on customer.
Panel building
Panel Building
Ausweg's holistic control panel building is a data for digitalization & our consistent one-stop product.

Triumphantly cater solutions
for the past 5 years

About Company

The Best way to predict future is to create it !

Ausweg enables customers to rejuvenate their industries by integrating the real and digital worlds, based on shared values for a sustainable future. You're investing in the future technology when you choose Ausweg and its solutions.
Our Mission We strive to create a scalable and sustainable solution to empower customers with new age technologies at the right value within desired time.
Our Vision To become the most preferred global partner for automation and digitalization solutions

Values that Set Us Apart



We are committed to ensure our relationship and exchanges with customers, Employees, Suppliers, Investors and Regulators are aligned with our vision & Purpose.

Environment to thrive

Environment to thrive

Team members are free to express themselves and empowered to apply their skills in an Innovative way with courage.

Empowerment & Equality

Empowerment & equality

We provide our Employees with the resources, control, Freedom, and motivation to do their work and with same significance, we make each one of them Accountable for Results.

Foster Technology

Foster technology

We strive to make Innovation as the heart to our culture by implementing Emerging technologies and delivering best solutions for Target Industries and Applications.

Trusted deliverables

Trusted deliverables

we understand our customer needs and their value system. Our projects
and products are developed to deliver the desired results within committed time and value, every time.

value for stack holder

Create value for stackholders

We are committed to create Optimum level of returns for all stakeholders by building Trust based value driven system.

Our prime solutions

We would love to add values
that leads to outcomes...

  • Digital Factory
  • EMS
  • CMMS
  • OEE Monitoring
  • Robotics
  • Delta Products
  • Wago Products
Digital factory

Digital Factory

Ausweg Digital factory improves control of manufacturing workflows and the movement of everything from raw materials to work-in-progress and finished goods.

Energy Management System (EMS)

Monitor consumption using Ausweg energy monitoring dashboard and costs in one place to provide customized utility report for every metering point.

Computerized Maintanance Management System (CMMS)

Ausweg's CMMS is a streamlined approach that ensures the right thing is being done at the right time for all of your equipment and facilities with the ability to report on what matters to you.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Ausweg OEE measure how well a manufacturing operation is utilized (facilities, time and material) compared to its full potential, during the periods when it is scheduled to run.


Industrial robots are programmed for all kinds of applications to fulfill industry demands, and to realize “Automation for a Changing World”.
Delta products

Delta Products

Delta offers automation products and solutions with high performance and reliability, motion control systems, and communication, smart manufacturing solutions.
Wago products

Wago products

WAGO’s automation technology is versatile, offers open standards, simplifies your production process and building applications and offers an all-encompassing product selection.

Join our team and we shall
shape the future world !

Ausweg Automation is a leading solutions provider